12 oz Double Wall Paper Cup

Grab a hot drink and forget the sleeves! The extra layer on these 12 oz Double Wall Paper Cups lets you promote your brand save money by eliminating the need for protective sleeves.

Ideal for serving virtually any hot drink, the 12oz double wall paper coffee cup is also the perfect promotional piece and the most versatile size for cafe and coffee shop operators. Our maximum resolution printing and high-quality processes create flawless and fun custom printed cups that stand out.

The result: Promotion at its best, warm hands and space saved on sleeve storage. Remember – hands on sleeves hide branding!

Cup Print Double Wall Cups are equipped to hold even the hottest teas, Americans and more. The cup’s design integrates two separate layers of cardboard with an isolating air gap in-between, which keeps hot drinks hot – and stops cold drinks chilling hands!

Personalised with your branding, at Cup Print we build our Double Wall Cups to promote your brand effectively at any event, exhibition, conference, restaurant, business, and coffee shop.

Top quality for a tasteful brand promotion

Our Double Wall Cup is made of top quality paper – the inner wall of the cup is a very rigid 320 gm high-quality boxboard – the outer wall an equally unyielding 300 gm top-notch boxboard. The full colour and process inks we use are all specialised to be food safe and odourless. Plus, our maximum resolution printing ensures that the images on your personalised printed paper cups appear professional, perfect, and the pinnacle of high-quality branding.

We offer you many different top-of-the-line processes to make your logo or text unique. Your custom printed Double Wall Cup will truly stand out in a snazzy fashion! Pizazz please?!

In addition to our 12 oz size, you can order our Double Wall Cup in three other sizes:

We offer a range of order options and competitive pricing. From a 1,000 unit minimum to a 250,000 unit maximum, we are your ideal partner for printed paper cups.

Your order will be processed straight away and your custom print paper cups will be delivered to your doorstep within 14 working days!